The lake Horná Streda
We recommnend to visit this lake especially for the people, who like natural swimming. This lake is known for its crystal clear water. It is situated near Piešťany next to the drive – way to Trenčín.

The Beckov castle
This castle is situated about 11 km from camping. You can get there by car, bus( from master station) or by bike. The castle stays on a steep, about 50 m high rocky cliff, above the village Beckov. It is situated near a motorway and it is close to city Nové Mesto nad Váhom. The castle belonged originally to the kong and at the end of 13th century it became the property of Matúš Čák Trenčiansky. At the turn of 14 and 15 century it was a property of Ctibor family and then the Bánffy family, who rebuilt this gothic castle to a renaissance residence. They also refined and built up the strong fortification, so even the Turkish didn ´t storm it. After the death of Bánffy ´s family line it became a property of several rich families. In 1729 the castle burned down and became desolated.

The open hours:
Monday: closed
Tuesday – Sunday: 9:00 – 18:00

The Tematín castle
If there´s a good visibility, this castle can be seen from Piešťany. To get there you can use a tourist walkways from village Lúka (7 km from Piešťany) or from vilage Modrová (6 km from Piešťany). The entry is free of charge.

Čachtice castle
This ruin is situated 15 km from camping. Čachtice castle stays above the village Čachtice, near to Nové Mesto nad Váhom. It was built in 13 century and in 15 century it was enlarged. The castle is well known for its bloody countess named Alžbeta Báthory, who lived here at the turn of 16 and 17 century. A legend tells, that about 600 young girls had to be killed, because of her- she took a bath in their blood to stay forever young and beautiful. In 1611 the palatine Turzo adjudged Alžbeta Báthory to lige in prison.

Kostolec- Ducové
This fortification is situated about 5 km from Piešťany. The people settled here in prehistoric ages. It is in high 240 m above the see, so it provides a nice view of Piešťany and surroundings.