Camping Pullmann is proud of its location, it is situated in silence green area next to the favourite bycicle lane around lake Sĺňava and river Váh, only 1000m from town Piešťany and 1000m from Spa Piešťany. In the surrounding of camping there are large amount of cycling routes, you can go on low or high difficulty. Near Piešťany you can find plenty of castles, fortresses, monuments and natural attractions. We can book an air raft or plastic canoe for you with landing near camping. Near Spa Piešťany has thermal mineral water and unique sulphuric mud,  you can use spa procedures or wellness. 1000m south of camping is located Ratnovská cove with waterski lift /they are lending accesories/. In Piešťany and its surroundings you can exporience or attend a plenty of interesting places for example: Thermal small lakes in Spa, boating on the river Váh, acupressure footway in the park, The Museum of Balneology, Cinema, small cave Čertova pec (Devils oven), beautiful town park in Piešťany, horse riding, fishing, fitness, water motorsport, squash, tenis, volley ball, bowling, golf, playground workout, circular train tour in Piešťany by Piešťanský express, The millitary museum Piešťany, Dom Umenia Piešťany (the house of art), Classic Car museum, the Park of miniatures Podolie…


Circuit around the lake Sĺňava: recreation and nature trail with an asphalt surface going around Sĺňava Dam. The circuit is suitable for cycling, walking, and in-line skating. The asphalt flat strip 3 – 4 m wide stretches from Krajinský Bridge towards Lodenica, on to Drahovce Dam, along the water skiing area and back on the left side of the River Váh towards the bridge. Walking takes approx. 3 hours and cycling 50 minutes. 0km from camping. April – May Monday – Friday: 15.00 – 19.00 h Saturday – Sunday: 10.00 – 19.00 h. June Monday – Friday: 15.00 – 20.00 h Saturday – Sunday: 10.00 – 20.00 h. July – August Monday – Friday: 15.00 – 20.00 h Saturday – Sunday: 09.00 – 20.00 h. September Monday – Friday: 15.00 – 19.00 h Saturday – Sunday: 10.00 – 19.00 h. Október Monday – Friday: 15.00 – 18.00 h Saturday – Sunday: 10.00 – 18.00 h

Striebornica lake: The round trip is app 14 km long; the track marked in blue starts at Colonnade Bridge on the Spa Island and continues through the village Moravany nad Váhom. In the village, we turn right, go up the slope from the main road and continue app 2 km up to the lake Striebornica. The track marked blue continues up to Stará or Nová Lehota. Do not forget to visit: Piešťany – Crutch-breaker, Colonnade Bridge, Spa Island, Moravany nad Váhom – natural lake Striebornica
Havran, Čertova Pec: The round trip is app 25 km; you can reach the Havran Pass from two directions. One comes from Piešťany following the state road to Topoľčany, the other is a tourist path marked blue which goes from the guest house Benátky (behind the Krajinský Bridge), through the Červená veža Hill and the Bacchus Villa. After the Havran Pass, the path continues further towards Topoľčany via the state road. We can return to Piešťany using the same path but it is possible to continue to village Radošina, turn there right to village Svrbice and follow a steep decline to village Sokolovce. We return to Piešťany through village Ratnovce. Do not forget to visit: Piešťany – Crutch-breaker, Colonnade Bridge, Spa Island, Banka – Červená veža Hill, lookout at 240 m above the sea level,  Bacchus Villa – place where L. van Beethoven stayed, Havran – mountain pass, 390 m above the sea level, Čertova pec (Devil’s Furnace) – cave settlement from the Older Stone Age, Radošina – well – known vineyards, Ratnovce – water skiing 
Through Vrbovéto Čerenec: The return trip is app 24 km. We leave Piešťany on the state road No 499, following the railway overbridge, continuing to the village Trebatice. Here, we turn right and through the town Vrbové we continue on the main road up to the water reservoir Čerenec. The return trip follows the same track in opposite direction. Do not forget to visit: Piešťany – Crutch-breaker, Colonnade Bridge, Spa Island, Vrbové – the leaning church bell tower, synagogue, Beňovský´s manor, Čerenec – water reservoir
Trenčín Váh river cycling track: The length is app. 56 km (to Trenčín); it starts at Colonnade Bridge in Piešťany, follows the Váh River Canal up to Horná Streda, goes under the highway bridge, touches the villages Brunovce, Potvorice, Považany, recreational centre Zelená voda and village Beckov up to Trenčín. Do not forget to visit: Piešťany – Crutch-breaker, Colonnade Bridge, Spa Island,Horná Streda – natural lakes with possibility for a ride on water ski do, Brunovce – manor,Nové Mesto – church from 13th century, Zelená voda – natural lakes with possibility for swimming,Beckov – ruins of the castle, museum,Trenčín – castle, town centre
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Čertova pec: The cave is situated at the foot of the Nad Lipovcom peak, which rises 253 metres above sea level. The cave was inhabited by Neanderthal man and is believed to be the oldest occupied cave in Slovakia. The cave is 27 metres long and is accessible from both sides. It was formed by the karstification of dolomite limestone.

The Beckov castle: This castle is situated about 11 km from camping. You can get there by car, bus( from master station) or by bike. The castle stays on a steep, about 50 m high rocky cliff, above the village Beckov. It is situated near a motorway and it is close to city Nové Mesto nad Váhom. The castle belonged originally to the kong and at the end of 13th century it became the property of Matúš Čák Trenčiansky. At the turn of 14 and 15 century it was a property of Ctibor family and then the Bánffy family, who rebuilt this gothic castle to a renaissance residence. They also refined and built up the strong fortification, so even the Turkish didn ´t storm it. After the death of Bánffy ´s family line it became a property of several rich families. In 1729 the castle burned down and became desolated.

The Tematín castle: If there´s a good visibility, this castle can be seen from Piešťany. To get there you can use a tourist walkways from village Lúka (7 km from Piešťany) or from vilage Modrová (6 km from Piešťany). The entry is free of charge.

Čachtice castle: This ruin is situated 15 km from camping. Čachtice castle stays above the village Čachtice, near to Nové Mesto nad Váhom. It was built in 13 century and in 15 century it was enlarged. The castle is well known for its bloody countess named Alžbeta Báthory, who lived here at the turn of 16 and 17 century. A legend tells, that about 600 young girls had to be killed, because of her- she took a bath in their blood to stay forever young and beautiful. In 1611 the palatine Turzo adjudged Alžbeta Báthory to lige in prison.

Kostolec- Ducové: This fortification is situated about 5 km from Piešťany. The people settled here in prehistoric ages. It is in high 240 m above the see, so it provides a nice view of Piešťany and surroundings.

Košariská – Bradlo: Both locations, Košariská and Bradlo, are associated with Milan Rastislav Štefánik- a notable person of modern Slovak history. He was born in the village Košariská, in the Evangelic parsonage in 1880. The memorial plaque and the small museum in Košariská still remind us of this occasion. It was opened in 1990 in the home where he was born. This exhibition of his memorabilia gives the visitor, not only, a closer look into Štefánik’s political and military life, but also into his other interests and private life. The hill Bradlo is the place of his last relief.

Castle of Trenčín:  was built on top of a steep rock is undoubtedly the dominant of the town Trenčín. It was the royal castle from the 11th century. It had an important role above all in time of Turkish attacks. It was property of several aristocratic families while Matúš Čák of Trenčínwas the best known owner of the Castle. He also owned other Slovak castles, which won him the nickname of the Lord of the Váh and the Tatras.  As the owners changed, the functions of the castle either changed or multiplied. The castle area, which is part of the Trenčianske múzeum consists of a set of palaces. 45km


The lake Horná Streda: We recommnend to visit this lake especially for the people, who like natural swimming. It is situated near Piešťany next to the drive – way to Trenčín, 6km from Camping.

Open air Pools Eva on Spa Island: its fill up by thermal water. You can find there 50m pool, silent hot pool with temperature 34-38 degrees, children pool, children slide, sand volleyball playground, tennis courts, cricet and petang. The best way of transport from camping is by bycicle or by walk, 1,5km from camping.

Vlnka: smaller newbuild pool with lenght 13m has solt water and depth 1,3m, good for small children, only 500m from camping.

Prúdy: nature swimming on river Váh, favourite for domestic people, there is no backround, only nature, 4km from camping.

Aquapark Trnava: smaller nice newbuild aquapark with outdoor and indoor part, its located cca 35km from camping.


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