Restaurant NA PANVICI (On the fry-pan) has arisen based on our experiences in our buffet in our camp, in which we sold beverages and easy grilled food on wooden coal. We have also concentrated to our catering company CHLAPCI NA PANVICI (Boys on the fry pan), where we have gained a lot of experiences in gastronomy.

Our successful weekends showed us how much we need  a representative place, where we can offer our cuisine. We wanted to satisfy all our clients.

Combination of summer terrace, sitting in the nature and modern spaces with wooden dominance was the right decission to make a step forward. Restaurant has arisen in the year 2019. In summer months on the terrace and in restaurant find place to sit more 100 clients. Concept of restaurant is according to our backround, where is our camp situated and the food is based on grilled specialities, which are our perfect burgers, bbq spare ribs, meat fillet or salads , including also italian specialities as rissotto. Dominance of restaurant is a perfect attendance of beer, which like to drink our guests and also people from wide surroundings. We still try to improve our services a prepare new food according  to beer drinking.

We concetrate in our cuisine on fresh commodities and we cook our food like for our own family. We change our offer according to the season especially from spring to autumn and we organise special weekend with different types of cuisine, for example Italian weekend, Schnitzel weekend, Tatarak weekend, Middlesea weekend, duck and goose feast.

If you visit our restaurant as our guest, biker or just passing by, believe that you will find a wide offer of seasonal meal and an unforgettable gastronomical experience.

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