Adult 3,70 eur
Child 0-2,99 years free of charge
Child 3-13,99 years 2,50 eur
Current / electricity 3,50 eur
Caravan 3,50 eur
Car 2,60 eur
Camper 5,00 eur
Animal 1,50 eur
City tax for adult 0,50 eur
Tent basic max 4m2 2,50 eur
Middle tent max 15m2 3,50 eur
Family tent more than 15m2 5,50eur
Shelter to the tent (sail, party tent, mobile roof)  
till 4m2     2,50€       4-9m2    1,50€  9-15m2      9,00€  
Motorcycle 2,30 eur
Personal car for sleeping 3,80 eur
Bus 9,00 eur
Caravan parking for long-termprívesny vozik 1,00 euro
Trailer 2,00 – 3,00eura
Visit adult/child 2,00/1,00 euro
Laundering (1 hour with 1 tablet) 3,50eura
Bed in Boarding house /extra 50% for 1 night/ 8,00 eur
New bed in Boarding house /extra 50% for 1night/ 11,00 eur
Rent a bicycle 0-12 hours 3,00 eur
Discount for stays for 7 and more nights -10%
The price list is valid for 2020. Shown prices are for 1 night. Time for check in is 14:00pm and time for check out is 13:00pm. Check in for Boarding house is 14:00pm and check out 10:00am.

We are not making reservations for caravans, campers and tents (only in extraordinary cases). Date of your arrival is free. The price of accomodation included using of: showers, toilets, Wifi, kitchen, small outdoor swimming pool, drinking water and chemical toilet.